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The Kent Film Festival was a dream of Frank and Patrice Galterio, who made it a reality in
a single year: 2006.
Since then, for one weekend each spring, the festival takes over the village, drawing local residents, weekend homeowners and visitors from near and far who help to fill local inns and guesthouses.
Attendance growth year-over-year has been 200%+ since 2006.

Currently the festival seeks to stabilize its operation and grow its audience as well as the number of filmmakers who participate.
To do so, the festival will implement fundraising plans to better plan for and secure its future, as well as marketing plans to increase attendance and ticket sales.
In the process, festival advertising and publicity will deliver greater reach for festival sponsors and a larger audience for our filmmakers.

The Kent Film Festival will grow to a two-week festival housed in a cultural arts center that the festival helps to fund and establish. During non-festival weeks, the center will present the best of independent, documentary and world cinema, making film a vibrant part of Kent community and identity.
Education is also an important goal of the Festival and the envisioned arts center. The festival seeks to develop educational programs to provide students of all ages with the skills necessary to realize their dreams.
The Kent Film Workshops provide a place where aspiring filmmakers come to learn and develop their own projects. The workshops will be a nurturing and open environment where filmmakers can explore all genres and styles, and feel the freedom to succeed and to make mistakes.Ultimately the cultural arts center would be a year-round production facility, school and independent film theater. Productions developed here would comprise an important component of the annual Kent Film Festival

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