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An Unlikely Weapon
Susan Morgan Cooper US/85:00
1/500th of a second to get the shot...a lifetime to forget it. Eddie Adams photographed 13 wars, 6 American Presidents, and virtually every cultural and historical figure of the last 50 years. History would be changed through his lens. Bt the photo that made Eddie famous would haunt him for his entire life.

Baghdad Diary
Joseph Consentino US/94:00
Baghdad Diary is Fadil Kadom’s and Craig White’s story, videotaped by each of them at great personal risk. Their camera reveals the mounting fear as Iraqi streets turn increasingly deadly. This is their Baghdad Diary . . . a cautionary tale of war’s human toll.

Bakhtiari Alphabet
Cima Sedigh
Reza Ghadyani US/56:00

Bakhtiari Alphabet documents the seasonal migration of the Bakhtiari tribe through the breathtaking mountains and valleys of Southwestern Iran and studies the challenges facing the Bakhtiari, especially in educating their children.

Brother Towns - Pueblos Hermanos
Michael Davey US/59:00
A story of two towns linked by immigration, family, and work: Jacaltenango, a highland Maya town in Guatemala; and Jupiter, a coastal resort town where many Jacaltecos have settled in Florida. Two towns. Two Nations. Thousands of paths connecting them.

Dieu est Americain
Richard Martin-Jordan France/52:00
God is American, and he was born in the USA ! The people of Tanna, an island in the archipelago of Vanuatu in the South Pacific Ocean, have invented a new religion. They pray the American flag and adore John Frum, an American prophet witch they are waiting the return.

Don’t Know, We’ll See: The Work of Karen Karnes
Lucy Massie Phenix US/62:00
This documentary explores the poetry and mystery of the creative process in the life and work of a master clay artist, Karen Karnes, a pioneer of the 20th century craft movement who has worked with unbroken focus for over 60 years. This film is about not-knowing and discovery, and about the evolution of form, a single sculptural piece and a body of work over a lifetime. It is an invitation to enter the creative process, to give the eyes and ears a feast and to be astonished by beauty. As one viewer said, ‘this film changes you as you’re watching it.’

For the Life of Me
Jean Strauss US/72:00
What if you had to live your whole life without ever knowing who you’d been when you were born? Most adopted citizens in the U.S. - even those who are over fifty - are never allowed to know their origins. ’For the Life of Me’ follows Dave, a 52 year old adoptee, as he embarks on a journey to reclaim his origins. His tale, along with the stories of seven other adoptees, leads to an unexpected conclusion and illuminates the cost secrets can have when they’re imposed over an entire lifetime.

Funny Business
Lyda Ely US/59:00
What compels a person to cartoon? And what does it take to publish in The New Yorker magazine? Celebrated artists open their studio doors in this poignant exploration fueled by the filmmaker’s personal relationship with cartooning legend Charles Addams, and her late mother’s life-long quest to follow in his footsteps.

The Good Fight:
James Farmer Remembers the Civil Rights Movement

Jessica Schoenbaechler US/65:00
A relentless leader, a dynamic speaker, and a forceful organizer, James Farmer was one of the first civil rights activists to use nonviolent direct action to fight for dignity and justice. Yet at what cost? His own family suffered from his frequent absences, prison stays, and threats made on his life. ‘The Good Fight’ chronicles Farmer’s life from his earliest days as a “Great Debater” at Wiley College to his legacy teaching a new generation of students about the movement that shaped a country.

Romanowski Method
Ioram Finguerman Brazil/42:00
A journey into transformation through unique and intense bodywork developed by Jeff Romanowski. This film is shown through the perspective of photographer and filmmaker Ioram Finguerman after his own unique experience from receiving the work. Not fitting into your ordinary concepts of massage, this film captures some of the technique, ideas, principles, and outcomes of the people involved in applying the technique as well as those who receive the work itself.
This film will be shown at the Kent Memorial Library with a Q & A and short demonstration following the screening.

Soul of a People
Andrea Kalin US/93:00
In the grip of the Great Depression, unemployed men and women joined an unlikely WPA program to document America in guidebooks and interviews. With the Federal Writers’ Project, the government pitted young, untested talent against the problems of everyday American. From that experience, some of America’s greatest writers found their own voices, and discovered the Soul of a People.

Tibet in Song
Ngawang Choephel US/82:00
This documentary presents a unique story of struggle and survival - that of Tibetan folk music. The film seamlessly traces the history of Tibetan music to the present day through those Tibetans who most exemplify the Tibetan struggle for cultural survival, but whose voices are routinely stifled by Chinese oppression. Tibetan musicians, singers, and political prisoners, including the film’s director, Ngawang Choephel, all speak out in ‘Tibet in Song’ and hearken the film’s message of universal truth and responsibility.

block fifteen
Mezzanotte Obscura
Lori Petchers US/23:19
An inside look into an artist’s all consuming passion and creative process as he painstakingly contructs an innovative body of work. Scientific in nature, but aesthically compelling, the nude images he ultimately creates, blur the line between art and science and beget the question ‘What really is visual truth?’

Years in the Making
MartinWest US/66:00
A visually beautiful and joyous film! Working artists, all between 70-95 years old, share insights into the creative process as they face the challenges of aging. The film captures their passion for art and for life...an inspiration to old and young, artists and art lovers.

Blue Bus
Phillip Scarpaci US/95:00
Two old friends travel from Los Angeles to New Orleans in a rickety 1968 Volkswagen bus discovering much more than just the American landscape.

Case 219
James Bruce US/93:00
Through the eyes of a journalist, the story of a high school shooting rampage unfolds in a series of provocative and haunting documentary style interviews that leave the audience with the thought of who is really to blame.

Die Entbehrlichen
Andreas Arnstedt Ger/110:00
Jacob tries to hide the suicide of his father because he is afraid to have to live in an orphanage.

Chris Ordal US/93:00
In 1994, real-life crop artist Stan Herd traveled from Kansas to Manhattan’s Upper West Side to create a massive environmental artwork on land owned by Donald Trump. The multi-acre artwork was made from soil, rock, plants and vegetation near an underground railway tunnel. Stan recruited a number of homeless individuals living in the tunnel to become his crew. Over the months it took to complete the earthwork, Stan dealt with a myriad of difficulties in bringing his unique, rural art form to an urban canvas and the many costs his art exacted upon his life. In the process, he unexpectedly encountered the true meaning of his art and it’s ultimate, lasting rewards.

Gospel Hill
Giancarlo Esposito US/99:00
A former sheriff of the southern town dealing with past sins, and a former civil rights worker, withdrawn since the martyrdom of his brother thirty years before, confront a threat to their town.

Frank Mosley US/86:00
When a violent crime emotionally divides a recently married couple, they must struggle to find healing and restoration in the aftermath of unspeakable tragedy. HOLD is an amazing accomplishment from lead actor/writer Robby Storey, who overcame his disability of blindness to make the film. Boasting no musical score, and shot in long, interrupted takes and claustrophobic closeups, this is the directorial feature debut of Frank Mosley.

Mow Crew
Taylor Toole US/95:00
A young landscaper from Martha’s Vineyard struggles to maintain his lifestyle and relationships after he and his girlfriend are offered an unexpected music recording contract in Los Angeles.

The Only Good Indian
Kevin Willmott US/114:00
Set in Kansas during the early 1900s, a teen-aged Native American boy is taken from his family and forced to attend a distant Indian “training” school to assimilate into White society. When he escapes to return to his family, Sam Franklin, a bounty hunter of Cherokee descent, is hired to find and return him to the institution. Franklin, a former Indian scout for the U.S. Army, has renounced his Native heritage and has adopted the White Man’s way of life, believing it’s the only way for Indians to survive. Along the way, a tragic incident spurs Franklin’s longtime nemesis, the famous “Indian Fighter” Sheriff Henry McCoy, to pursue both Franklin and the boy.

Side by Each
Richard Allen US/98:00
Salty just wants to launch his boat and sail off, but crooks have bought the boat yard to build condos. When he falls in love with triplet sisters things begin to spiral out of control. Soon, his boat’s bull dozed, his job is gone and he’s left broke and sleeping on a park bench in the rain. But the tide will turn. Redeemed by the love of one of the triplets, he becomes a hero by dint of his natural curiosity and dumb luck.

Brant Sersen US/94:00
Justin Frost’s quiet suburban existence is forever changed when a traveling carnival rolls into town and he finds himself falling for a sexy and free-spirited con artist.

Stellina Blue
Gabriel Scott US/95:00
Stellina Martin leads a reclusive and mundane existence; and that is exactly how she likes it. But, in a single moment, everything will change. When Stellina is shot during a failed robbery attempt, she comes face-to-face with death. After waking from a month-long coma, she is given a second chance at life and an extraordinary gift – a gift that will change her and the people around her forever. The normally reclusive Stellina now finds herself impacting the people around her, while discovering life for the first time.

Street Lure
Virgilio Aponte US/95:00
Two men working in the world of drug delivery get in over their heads and find out there’s a price to pay to get out.

When The Evening Comes
Craig Geraghty US/78:00
When the Evening Comes is a coming of age story of a guy from Queens... except that he’s coming of age when he’s pushing forty.

Zapping Alien@Mozart Balls
Vitus Zeplichal Aust/Ger 117:00
This is the film for the new millenium about an interactive video with the alien Ali, virtual worlds, the search for Mozart, the drug Peps and true love.

block one
We are all Here
Yonghwa Choi US/2:00
This is a story about the earth we live. This is not deal with a funny subject. So, I make effort to freewheel about taking on the issue of Global Warming.

Daphne Guinness/David Parker US/3:00
Scent is directly related to memory, its something of a sensory path, evoking snap shots one’s past as you smell it. It has the power to transport you from the room in which you stand to a place buried within the depths of your memory. The narrative is built around flux, fluidity, and the thought process that connect micro associations with macro experience.

The Latest Thing
Christian Sesma US/6:00
Should the human brain be upgraded? Probably not. ‘The Latest Thing’ examines the blurring lines between humanity and technology. This bizarre mix of science fiction and dark comedy leaves viewers both laughing out loud and wondering what the hell they just saw.

Ruben Mazzoleni Italy/6:00
The deep American economical crisis seen from two different points of view.

Joseph Albanese US/18:00
A sadistic killer takes a reporter on an emotional thrill ride she will never forget.

Daniel Campbell US/20:00
Terrance a minimum wage employee at the local antique mall has his life thrown out of balance by love, deceit, and his mean spirited boss in this offbeat, romantic comedy.

Gavin Shapiro US/8:00
After wishing he could speak French overnight to pass a French class, and American college student gets his wish, but with the cost of being unable to speak English.

The Jacket
Matt Roshkow US/9:00
An upper class suburban woman comes face-to-face with the harsh reality of her husband’s painful unemployment but in the process receives an unlikely gift from her Hispanic cleaning woman.

block two
Déjà vu
Sean Hannon US/4:00
A heartwarming vignette about a man, his dog, and the mysterious event they try to solve together.

The Visionary
Gwydhar Bratton US/6:00
‘The Visionary’ is a three minute, color, short shot digitally with live action and animation about a gentleman in an art gallery who experiences the surrounding artwork coming to life.

Where There’s Smoke
Anita Mills US/10:00
One whiff of spilled gasoline takes Amelia to a poignant memory of her grandfather and her reflections on the circularity of life. From one generation to the next, traditions are created, lived, and reinterpreted.

Hello Sorry Whatever
Ajit Anthony Prem US/15:00
An epic love story told with three simple words.

Ben Pickle
Nic Beery US/11:00
‘The Wonder Years’ & ‘Scrubs’ meets ‘The Wizard of Oz’ inside Ben’s pickled brain.

Shaun Au US/11:00
The Ticket is a short comedy about a young man who received an airline ticket from his parents. It is the ultimatum for him to go home and get married. He spends a harrowing night fighting temptation and agony, to make a choice for his future, between known unknowns and unknown unknowns.

A Bloody Mess
Ryan O’Leary US/12:00
A Bloody Mess is the story of Roy Offerman, a teenager facing a very mature problem at a very immature time in his life.

block three
Jacob LaMendola US/16:00
A man goes to Hell and back to end a mouse problem.

Mary and Jennifer
Todd Tinkham US/10:00
Two homeless friends find shelter in an empty house. Complications arise as they attempt to live together for one night.

Paper Dolls
Adrian Correia US/12:00
Stephen Pelletier has spent the last four years making a new life for his niece Juliet....unexpectedly, his damaged younger sister Madeleine returns to reclaim the life she left behind.

Tick Tock
Jeffrey Reyna US/9:00
A forbidden young love proves complicated when continued into adulthood, ending abruptly in tragedy.

Acid Burn
Matthew Greenhalgh UK/12:00
It’s 1988. Expelled from one college, Richard joins St Gabriel’s and meets Martha, the school outsider who takes him to an Acid House party, changing his outlook on life forever.

Oren Robashkin US/5:00
When the forces of conservation and industrialization within a common society compete head to head, the only entity that can regulate the fight is the fantastic measuring contraption known as the Envirometer. But, as the conflict escalates and the situations become increasingly more destructive and selfish, the vengeful and godlike Envirometer may be the only hope to unite the opposing viewpoints and create a progressive world where everyone can live in harmony.

block four
Taili Wu Taiwan/US 5:13
‘ROUE’ is a self-portrait project composed by fragments of my dreams, emotions, and memories.

Magnitude of the Continental Divide
Christopher Coleman US/5:32
‘The Magnitude of the Continental Divides’ is an animation exploring the ways we define ourselves and our nations. It is a journey between many locations in various states of withdrawal and aggression. Borders become weaponized and damage is always dealt from afar. The individual is caught in the midst, unable to separate themselves, unable to define identity without place.

Mary Melissa Miranda McGurk
Eli Alaimo US/2:49
A young girl loves homework so much it becomes her undoing.

Jesus, Maria
Caroline Kava US/15:00
Stefania has a long held secret that keeps her and her daughter apart -- until her granddaughter visits at Christmas with gifts that may bring all to light.

The Beekeeper
Sean Jourdan US/27:00
When his son’s girlfriend becomes pregnant as a result of their affair, a beekeeper must sacrifice his integrity for his iniquity.

Il Diavolo (The Devil)
Andrea Lodovichetti Italy/16:00
An old peasant woman is at death’s door. Her son refuses to give her assistance and decides to put her in the care of Donna Cesira, for a fixed payment. Donna Cesira believes she’s struck a fine deal, but the days pass and the old woman won’t die...

Happy Deathday
Elizabeth Callahan US/7:00
Deathday Inc is a revolutionary new company that can tell you your exact date of death, for a price of course. Jack Sawyer does not react particularly well to his alleged deathday and finds out the hard way that there are no refunds in the deathday industry.

block five
The Perfect Banana
Jared Gordon US/10:00
Donald Miller is freshly laid off and freshly single. He collapses into an introverted, single-minded quest to find a banana without any blemishes or bruises. His overbearing, struggling, graphic artist roommate, Marcy Dorris, relies on Donald for camaraderie as well as rent. Will Donald find his courage and put himself back on track?

The Complex
Alex Fjellberg Swerdlowe US/24:00
In the aftermath of the great depression, Josh’s life and business affairs are thrown into turmoil by the loss of his factory to fire and an unresolved murder.

Ria Ama US/15:36
A painted Phoenix wills herself into the world where she encounters love, loss, longing and eventual enlightenment.

David Baas Canada/4:37
An animated mock documentary about the ecological plight of penguins in the Antarctic, possibly foretelling cataclysmic results for the rest of the world.

Sebastian's Voodoo
Joaquin Baldwin US/4:07
A voodoo doll must find the courage to save his friends from being pinned to death.

Underground Sonata
Noah Cooper US/14:00
Vincent, an undercover cop, never thought he would see the love of his life again after she suddenly ran out on him until years later when he finds her on the wrong side of the law! Now the star-crossed lovers must finally confront each other to find the truth.

block six
The Last Page
Kevin Acevedo US/21:00
A tortured author struggles to overcome writer’s block and is propelled into a bizarre series of events.

It Is
Christian Vogeler US/8:00
In this satiric drama life comes, goes and takes you for its ride whether you like it or not. A young woman finds her self caught in the cycle of life, losing every part that she imagined it was once upon a time.

Leka med Dockor (An Affair with Dolls)
Hans Montelius Sweden /11:00
A woman plays with dolls because her boyfriend wants her to. But the game takes a serious turn.

Melting the Snowman
Ora Yashar US/21:00
In the face of defeat, a young columnist, who has long been her father’s golden child, must discover if she has the strength to give herself the permission to fail despite the consequences.

Nic Beery US/11:00
Life Begins Inside.

Nick Igea Spain/21:00
A boy and a girl accidentally meet on the street, three years after she broke up with him.

A Walthru with Kathleen Connally
Ajit Anthony Prem US/13:00
A portrait of Kathleen Connally, a landscape photographer, whose beautiful work is created to inspire others to protect the environment.

block seven
Land Gewinnen
Marc Brummund Germany/20:00
A young illegal immigrant couple spends their time furtively avoiding the German authorities, until the wellbeing of their young son dictates that they resolve their untenable situation.

Carles Torrens Spain/US 21:00
13 year old Delaney wants to run away with her boyfriend to Las Vegas, but her family wants to steal his heart and sell it on the black market for $300,000.

Still Life
Jaehee Lee South Korea/US 18:00
There is a pregnant woman. Like withering flowering plants in her house, she is also losing vitality of her life. One day, a stray cat appears before her and it reveals her sad past. Will she see any ray of hope?

Very Heaven
Gopal Dutta UK/12:00
Discovery is just a game. Paula is an eleven-year-old tomboy playing out with her gang of lads in the woods in the last Summer before starting at the big school. Her loyalties are tested as her nascent interest in the much-bullied Rob is spotted by the gang leader, Phil.

Abbie Cancelled
Jessica Burstein US/16:00
After their mutual friends cancel at the last second, two couples that have never met survive an unforgettable evening of embarrassing moments, inappropriate behavior and hidden agendas.

block eight
The Zombie Nine
Tom Morton US/4:20
There was a team of standing dead, of rotting flesh and looming dread...

Baby Bomber
James Madio US/15:00
A story with enough innocence that it does not cross the line, but enough mature humor that it can be appreciated by a core viewing audience. This hilarious story comes to us at a time where baseball is in a weird place, where the speculation of steroids is everywhere. This film mocks the players who use it and the media who exploits it. While focusing on those parents who take sports a little too seriously and push their children to no end.

The Growing Season
Susan Sfarra USA/17:00
On a hot summer day a boy explores the world of trimming Christmas trees with his grandfather and learns firsthand how the love of growing things can help us grow.

The New, True, Charlie Wu
Bob Pondillo US/33:00
Charlie Wu’s stuck in a rut! He’s an accountant who dreams of being something more, something he truly loves, but he can’t (or won’t) quit his job to become his ‘authentic self.’ One night, Charlie has a dream that changes his entire life.

block nine
After the Headlines
Aaliyah Miller USA/20:00
A guilt-ridden mother struggles to come to terms with her daughters brutal murder.

Sotto il Mio Giardino (Under My Garden)
Andrea Lodovichetti Italy/19:00
Marco, a 10-year old boy who has a passion for insects, is convinced that his neighbor has killed his wife and has buried her under his garden. He thus decides to carry out some investigations; he only reveals his thoughts to his little friend, Sara.

I Love the Way you Dress Like a Nazi
Tom Morton US/2:31
I once went on a blind date...

Mildred Richards
Marc Kess US/19:00
Mildred, an egomaniacal, nearly bankrupt actress, enlists the assistance of her reluctant brother, Gerald, to wrest away the fortune of their elderly, ailing aunt. Mildred has nothing short of murder on her mind, as she and her brother drive to their aunt’s country estate, but things get complicated by the aunt’s doctor, lawyer and maid!

Super Slice
Stephen Franciosa, Jr. US/10:00
Welcome to Famous Familia….how can I help you?” By day Vito is an average pizza maker at Famous Famiglia. This short highlights the crime stopping adventures of Pizza Man, in this action, adventure comedy. Pizza Man is a pizza maker by day who spends his nights as a protector of the City. He isn’t your typical superhero, because he packs his punch with a slice of pizza that is and uses it to battle against the various villains infesting the city. Super Slice serves up adventure, excitement and fun for everyone.

Outside the Supermarket
Alexa DiCambio US/9:00
When Anna runs into her former lover for the first time after several years, she considers leaving her husband.

Derek & Elliot
Alexa DiCambio US/5:00
A recently dicorced father prepares his son for school without the presence of his wife.

block ten
Born into the Border
Mahmoud Reza Sani Iran/30:00
The story about the relationship between an Iranian and Iraqi soldier in a remote border at the threshold of the Iraq-America war. The main point in this movie is the relation between the both soldiers with a migrating and wounded goose which has been wounded since it was shot by the Iraqi soldier in the middle of the mine field.

Parallel Tracks
Wen Ren US/20:00
Sitting in a desolate Amtrak station, two strangers wait for a train heading north to San Francisco. Ironically, they both watched a news report describing the Golden Gate Bridge as the world’s most popular suicide site.

David Jibladze US/26:00
Anna needs money. Not for herself, but for her son. The father says no. Swears he’s got none. Some men show up. They have a gun.

block eleven
We are all Here
Yonghwa Choi US/2:00
This is a story about the earth we live. This is not deal with a funny subject. So, I make effort to freewheel about taking on the issue of Global Warming.

It All Comes Back to You
Hoisun Kim US/5:00
A father and his son walk through the forest and the father introduce him to water. The son is interested in the water.

Oren Robashkin US/5:00
When the forces of conservation and industrialization within a common society compete head to head, the only entity that can regulate the fight is the fantastic measuring contraption known as the Envirometer. But, as the conflict escalates and the situations become increasingly more destructive and selfish, the vengeful and godlike Envirometer may be the only hope to unite the opposing viewpoints and create a progressive world where everyone can live in harmony.

David Baas Canada/4:37
An animated mock documentary about the ecological plight of penguins in the Antarctic, possibly foretelling cataclysmic results for the rest of the world.

The Old Boy
Matthew Cardarople US/31:20
The Old Boy provides a glimpse into one man’s life filled with draining responsibilities punctuated with glorious days and dreams of playing baseball.

Every War Has Two Losers
Haydn Reiss US/30:00
This documentary is based on the journals of poet William Stafford. Stafford was a conscientious objector in World War Two. Facing war, Stafford chose peace. He challenged deeply held beliefs: Why do we believe war is inevitable? Can you win a war? Stafford was confined to civilian service camps during the war, and in the camps he began a lifetime of writing as a witness to alternative ways to reconcile human conflicts. For all those who think ‘peacemaking’ is naive or wishful, Stafford offers powerful arguments that the most pragmatic thing we can do - and how to do it - is to seek alternatives to war

block twelve
Overload of Manure
Chester Houwink US/8:00
An in-depth look at a dairy farmer’s innovative solutions to a widespread environmental problem at The Freund Farm in Canaan, CT.

Wilson Bessinger US/29:00
An elaborate journey through a series of lucid dreams.

OUTCOMES, LGBTQ Stories from the Hudson Valley
Joy E. Reed US/32:00
This documentary draws from a series of interviews with an array LGBTQ people who have come out of the closet, putting a human face on a highly politicized subject. The subjects include Alix Dobkin, a lesbian musical pioneer and feminist icon from the 1970s; Leigh Noble, a Trans mathematician; Ted Hayes, a former Baptist minister; Anise Cruzado, a Latina beautician; and Ron Nyswaner, screenwriter of the groundbreaking film Philadelphia and gay rights activist.

Bus 8
Thomas Zinsli Switzerland/5:00
Rahim lives in a western society that treats him with skepticism and prejudice, but when he is recruited to commit a terrorist attack, he realizes that he hasn’t come to terms with his fate just yet.

She’s a Fox
Cameron Sawyer USA/18:00
Infatuated with the hottest girl in school, fifth grader, Cameron Sawyer, puts everything on the line - including his mullet - to win the girl of his dreams

It All Comes Back to You
Hoisun Kim US/5:00
A father and his son walk through the forest and the father introduce him to water. The son is interested in the water.

joy and todd block
The Joy and Todd Show!
A short block of Todd Tinkham and Joy E. Reed, filmmakers that submitted their films to us the first year and have shared their work with us every year since...
A look back.

block fourteen
Soft Power Health
Polly Green New Zealand 19:00
Dr. Jessie Stone gave up traditional medicine to pursue her dream of becoming a world class white water kayaker. While kayaking on the White Nile River in Uganda, Jessie realizes that Malaria is an epidemic in Uganda and decides to do something about it.

Scribble 08
Mark Murphy US 42:00
A documentary that is inspired by the art movement of Southern California. Seven unique interviews with artists and a look at some of their work.

block sixteen
Fwd: Update on My Life
Nicky Tavares US/35:00
A hybrid live-action and animated documentary, follows Dr. Deanie French, a professor and pioneer of internet-based learning and web accessibility, who decides one day to take a holiday from her prescription mood stabilizers and go on the Atkins diet. In this experimental biography, director Nicky Tavares pieces together the humorous and tragic life story of Dr. Deanie French through a collection of interviews, personal emails, electronic greeting cards, and machinima footage, exploring Dr. French’s complex psychological and professional relationship with the internet and technology. Alternating and probing notions of the virtual and the real, this film reflects upon our idea of reality as it nimbly navigates Dr. French’s fluctuating perceptions of the universe.

Zara Phillips US/31:00
A documentary examining the lifelong impact of adoption and the emotional influence it has on the adoptee and their families.

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